Our journal encourages children to actively seek out opportunities to show kindness and gratitude

Welcome to Little Kind Acts

Little Acts of Kindness is a children’s journal that encourages children to actively seek out opportunities to show kindness to those around them.  Children then record their acts weekly while they also reflect on things that they are grateful for.  This will also help them to appreciate the kindness they have received.

Uniquely, it is not just a reflective journal but one that proactively encourages children to Act (do good) and then reflect.  Research has shown that journaling, kind acts and gratitude all have significate impact on Mental Health and Wellbeing.  The journal has engaging and interactive pages which present a fun way of instilling positive behaviour in children.

Our Journal

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We Choose Kindness

Through conversations and interactions with colleagues, family and friends I realised that living through the pandemic was going to have long-lasting implications for our Children’s Mental health and wellbeing.

We have all been through a difficult time and it is important now, more than ever that we take time to create positive environments for our children. Where they feel comfortable to express their feelings and recognise all the positivity that
surrounds them.


What our Happy Readers Say

Very interactive and fun to use. Good size and easy to use.

TIWI Mboma
TIWI MbomaCustomer

Very good for kids, I truly love reading it with kids

Douglas Siwira
Kelley AlvaradoCustomer

Love the journal! Would recommend!

Dzidzo Foundation
Wendell PadillaCustomer

Recommended by professionals

Research A Guide to Intentional Kindness in the Classroom has shown that
“Encouraging students to reflect upon and perform intentional acts of
kindness develops perspective-taking, increased social membership, and a
structured way of encouraging kindness within the school context.“

Kindness is a key ingredient for better concentration and improved learning

Acts of kindness increase levels of serotonin in the brain which reduces depression

Acts of kindness no matter how small create feelings of self-worth and belonging.

Acts of kindness increase energy and give a wonderful feeling of optimism.

Kindness based programs in schools reduce the effects of bullying

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