Kindness Journal


This journal is designed to support and improve Children’s wellbeing.  It is a call to action for children to actively seek out opportunities to perform “Little Acts of Kindness” and show gratitude.  With just 15 minutes journaling each week your child will develop positive thinking, feel more confident and become happier.





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The journal has 82 fun and interactive pages.  Each page has a positive and encouraging quote to remind children of the positivity that surrounds them.  There are colouring pages all with a happy and positive theme for children who love personalising their books.  The journal also has pages that encourage children to express how they feel.  This is crucial as sometimes children find it difficult to tell adults how they feel and this provides a fun and easy way for them to share their feelings with those around them.

The main page has 3 sections. A section for writing or listing all the “Little Acts of Kindness” they have performed that week.  Kindness boosts serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and children will feel better in themselves.  A section for recording all the things they are grateful for, helping them recognise the kindness they receive. Gratitude journaling has immense health benefits starting with lowering stress levels and making children feel calmer.  And the last section where they can express how the feel and others can make comments or add praise. Making time for your child’s thoughts and feelings allows your child to have a healthy acceptance of their feelings undue stress and nervousness is eliminated.

What Makes Our Journal Unique

Kindness is a key ingredient for better concentration and improved learning

Acts of kindness increase levels of serotonin in the brain which reduces depression

Acts of kindness no matter how small create feelings of self-worth and belonging.

Acts of kindness increase energy and give a wonderful feeling of optimism.

Kindness based programs in schools reduce the effects of bullying


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