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5 Steps to Transformation

1. Quick survey of current situation within the school – Download Here

2. Introduce weekly journaling of little act of kindness (Stickers Included with the Journal)

3. Present “Thank You” certificates as rewards half termly – Download Here

4. Present other Rewards at assembly Termly (products available order)

5. Complete another survey at the end of the year to measure the impact.

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Kindness and Gratitude Journals to support Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Research A Guide to Intentional Kindness in the Classroom has shown that
“Encouraging students to reflect upon and perform intentional acts of
kindness develops perspective-taking, increased social membership, and a
structured way of encouraging kindness within the school context.“

Kindness is a key ingredient for better concentration and improved learning

Acts of kindness increase levels of serotonin in the brain which reduces depression

Acts of kindness no matter how small create feelings of self-worth and belonging.

Acts of kindness increase energy and give a wonderful feeling of optimism.

Kindness based programs in schools reduce the effects of bullying

What makes our journal Unique

Not just a reflective journal but a proactive strategy that
encourages children to DO a kind act

Acts of kindness increase levels of serotonin in the brain which reduces depression

It is interactive and engaging

Emphasis is on doing something kind and appreciating

Creates an opportunity for dialogue between home and

It can be used as a positive behaviour modification tool

Assessment/measurement tool for Ofsted reporting

What our Happy Clients Say

Very interactive and fun to use. Good size and easy to use.

TIWI Mboma
TIWI MbomaCustomer

Very good for kids, I truly love reading it with kids

Douglas Siwira
Kelley AlvaradoCustomer

Love the journal! Would recommend!

Dzidzo Foundation
Wendell PadillaCustomer

Benefits of Gratitude

Research on Gratitude
GGSC-JTF_White_Paper-Gratitude-FINAL.pdf ( on
Gratitude also shows that:

Gratitude journaling improves mental health and wellbeing

Increases happiness and lessens depression

Benefits the person even if they don’t share their feeling of gratitude with anyone

The benefits of gratitude journaling are evident over time

Increases resilience as it helps to reframe difficult situations

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